GGPKG test

GGPKG test

The first pano on the page was inserted with the new GGPKG plug-in (using the URL option). Click the hotspot to enter the center of the stone circle. Then rotate the view until you see the “info” hotspot and the image thumbnail below it. The image pop up functions properly when the pano is viewed normally. But it will not show the cursor change, nor will it pop up, when the pano is viewed full screen.
The second instance of the pano on the page was inserted with the panopress plug-in. It functions properly, even in full screen.
I would prefer to use the GGPKG plug-in throughout this site, but due to this anomaly I’m using the panopress plug in on the production page.
For troubleshooting the plugin, here’s the raw (no plugin) URL, directly to the node with the popup:

Is this a bug in the GGPKG plug-in? Or am I doing something wrong?

GGPKG plugin is used below:


Panopress plugin is used below: