6Schot, R. (2011). From Cult Centre to Royal Centre: Monuments, Myths and Other Revelations at Uisneach. In C. Newman, E. Bhreathnach, R. Schot (Authors), Landscapes of cult and kingship (p. 111-113). Four Courts.
Schot writes, "According to a tract on royal prohibitions and prescriptions, which, in its present form, appears to date from the eleventh century, the kings of Ireland were obliged to purchase their ‘seats’ at the assembly of Uisneach, held once every seven years."
In an earlier publication, she stated, "Possibly the earliest text to portray Uisneach as a place of assembly is a tale known as Tucait Baile Mongáin ('Mongáin's Frenzy') (Meyer 1895, 56-8). Carey (1995) suggests that the text was composed in the latter years of the seventh century." (Schot, Roseanne. “Schot, Roseanne. “Uisneach Midi a Medón Érenn: A Prehistoric ‘Cult’ Centre and ‘Royal Site’ in Co. Westmeath.” The Journal of Irish Archaeology 15 (2006): 39–71. http://www.jstor.org/stable/20650850.)