54As described on the Monumental Ireland Facebook page, "In modern day Ireland there are four provinces: Leinster, Munster, Connaught and Ulster. However, the Irish word for province is 'cúige' meaning fifth, and in ancient times there were five provinces: the fifth being the Province of Míde (Meath) meaning; middle. According to the Mythological Cycle, it was the ancient race known as the 'Fir Bolg' who divided Ireland into its provinces. The fifth province Míde, with its centre point being Uisneach, was the place where people from any of the four provinces could come to settle their disagreements as people of the same land, not of different provinces. The 'fifth province' could also refer to the world of the imagination and the magical 'otherworld'. The Ail na Míreann (Stone of the Divisions) was regarded as a gateway to this other world."