45Schot, R. (2011). From Cult Centre to Royal Centre: Monuments, Myths and Other Revelations at Uisneach. In C. Newman, E. Bhreathnach, R. Schot (Authors), Landscapes of cult and kingship (p. 99-101). Four Courts.
Schot noted, "O’Donovan’s remark that the stone had been remodelled to form ‘a splendid cromlech’, on which ‘the pagan Irish … offer[ed] sacrifices’, demonstrates that belief in a human element to its design endured well into the nineteenth century, and is a potent reminder that our tendency to distinguish between ‘culture’ and ‘nature’ – built and natural features of the landscape – is a relatively recent, and mainly ‘western’, departure and represents a way of viewing the world that is unlikely to have been shared by people in the past."