31Schot, R. (2011). From Cult Centre to Royal Centre: Monuments, Myths and Other Revelations at Uisneach. In C. Newman, E. Bhreathnach, R. Schot (Authors), Landscapes of cult and kingship (p. 90). Four Courts.
Schot also writes (p. 50) "...the suggestion put forward here that the roadway was constructed during the medieval period can be independently supported by both topographical and excavated evidence, and yet also accords well with the evidence from the enclosures..."
Caroline Donaghy and Eoin Grogan (1997) wrote that, "A recent and related discovery is the presence of a road leading from the North to the site. This has been traced for a distance of c. 120m and is defined as a straight track c. 5.5m wide with a slightly domed profile. Although both roads run north-south and clearly extend to the edge of the site. the northern one was constructed on line slightly to the west of the southern road." (Donaghy, Caroline, and Eoin Grogan. “Navel-Gazing at Uisneach, Co. Westmeath.” Archaeology Ireland 11, no. 4 (1997): 24–26. https://www.jstor.org/stable/20562378.)