25Schot, R. (2011). From Cult Centre to Royal Centre: Monuments, Myths and Other Revelations at Uisneach. In C. Newman, E. Bhreathnach, R. Schot (Authors), Landscapes of cult and kingship (p. 108). Four Courts.
The author writes (p. 90), "...this ringfort was built on sacred ground, at a time when contemporary literary sources invest the hill with a potent, ritually charged symbolism. Its construction, therefore, may well have been motivated by a desire on the part of the kings of Uisneach to legitimize their rule by establishing not just an ideological link with the past, but a physical one also."
Also, on p. 99: "...it is clear that those who engaged with, and indeed occupied, Uisneach during the early medieval period were not only aware of their presence, but actively harnessed – and reworked – the significances invested in them."