15Schot, Roseanne. “Uisneach Midi a Medón Érenn: A Prehistoric ‘Cult’ Centre and ‘Royal Site’ in Co. Westmeath.” The Journal of Irish Archaeology 15 (2006): 46-8. http://www.jstor.org/stable/20650850.
In her critique of Macalister's timeline, Schot wrote: "This chronological framework was clearly fashioned to accord with the traditional 'historical' narrative promulgated by medieval pseudo-historians, and was particularly influenced by the work of Geoffrey Keating (Comyn 1902), who composed an elaborate account of the Beltaine assemblies reputedly celebrated at Uisneach in ancient times, and of the occupation of Uisneach, sometime around AD 150, by the legendary prince Tuathal Techtmar."