99Dowling, Gerard. "The Liminal Boundary: An Analysis of the Sacral Potency of the Ditch at Ráith na Ríg, Tara. Co. Meath." Journal of Irish Archaeology, Vol. 15 (2006), pp. 15-37.

Helen Roche further explains: "...the deliberate deposition of human skulls or fragments is an understandable practice in Iron Age times. It is recorded that the head was looked upon as the centre of a person's power, and in some cases the heads of the ancestors were revered and were kept within the house as a mark of respect. It has also been suggested that the burial of ancestors within, or in close proximity to, areas of habitation ensured continuity of tradition." (Roche, Helen. "Excavations at Raith na Rig, Tara, Co. Meath, 1997." Discovery Programme Reports: 6: Project Results. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme, 2002, p. 59.)