95Schot, Roseanne. "Forging Life amid the Dead: Crafting and Kingship at Iron Age Tara." A Research Miscellany, by Michael Ann Bevivino et al., The Discovery Programme, Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland, 2018, p.1.

These discoveries were made in a relatively small 1997 excavation just to the north of the Mound of the Hostages.

Fenwick and Newman mentioned the magical associations of Iron Age metalworking: "This wealthy and prestigious group of people chose to construct their settlement at Tara, with an obvious understanding of its importance in Irish Iron Age society. In the same way, the industrial activity with probable associated domestic settlement may not only represent ordinary non-ritual activity. In early Irish literature the craft of smithing and metalworking generally appear to have sacred or magico-religious status....The special position of the metalworker has also been noted in Britain, where ethnographic and historic accounts suggest that ironworking was considered a mystical process during which rocks were converted into powerful cultural artefacts." (Fenwick, Joe, and Conor Newman. "Geomagnetic survey on the Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, 1998-9." Discovery Programme Reports: 6: Project Results, 2002, pp. 71-7.)