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James Boswick names the druids (and the poets) of King Conn Cetchathach: "One of the Irish Mss. thus introduces the Magical stone of Tara: -- 'One evening Conn [Conn Cetchathach, chief king of Ireland in the 2nd century] repaired at sunrise to the battlements of the Ri Raith or Royal fortress at Tara, accompanied by his three Druids, Mael, Bloc, and Bluicne, and his three poets, Ethain, Corb, and Cesare; for he was accustomed every day to repair to this place with the same company, for the purpose of watching the firmament, that no hostile aerial beings should descend upon Erin unknown to him.'" (Bonwick, James. Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions. London: Griffith, Farran & Co., 1894. Rpt. New York: Arno Press, 1976, p. 57.)