49Downey, Clodagh. "Dindsenchas and the Tech Midchúarta." Ériu, vol. 60, 2010, pp. 31-2.

Downey (p. 11) suggests that O'Donovan erred in his reading of the traditional sources as designating Tara's cursus as the "Banquet Hall" for all of Tara's kings:
"An important point that emerges from passage is that the Tech Midchúarta was obviously not conceived of as a permanent structure, but rather as one whose physical dimensions varied over time and with the particular king who was in power. I think, therefore, that what the author intended to say in this first sentence was the opposite of how O'Donovan took it: that the Tech Midchúarta of a king of his own time would not be like that of Conn and the other pre-Patrician kings he lists. I have tentatively translated the version...as 'it is not every king today who has it, as it was in the beginning', that is, that every king had a Tech Midchúarta up to Niall Noigiallach's time, but that in the author’s own day, this was not the case."