22Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart. Tara, a Pagan Sanctuary of Ancient Ireland. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1931. 70.

The account of the burial of CĂșchulainn's head and hand at Tara as translated by Eleanor Hull: "Then Lugaid arranged Cuchulainn's hair over his shoulder, and cut off his head. And the sword fell from Cuchulainn's hand, and it smote off Lugaid's right hand, so that it fell to the ground. And they struck off Cuchulainn's right hand in revenge for this. Then Lugaid and the hosts marched away, carrying with them Cuchulainn's head and his right hand, and they came to Tara, and there is the grave of his head and his right hand, and the full of the cover of the shield of mould." (Hull, Eleanor. The Cuchullin Saga in Irish Literature: Being a Collection of Stories Relating to the Hero Cuchullin. D. Nutt, 1898, p. 260.)