162Clarke, Linda, and Neil Carlin. "From Focus to Locus: A Window Upon the Development of a Funerary Landscape." In: Deevy, Mary B., and Donald Murphy. Places along the Way: First Findings on the M3. National Roads Authority, 2009, pp. 19-20..

The Bronze Age funerary sites of Ardsallagh 1 and Ardsallagh 2 (Co. Meath) were among the other sites investigated prior to the construction of the motorway. They were also within the viewscape of nearby Tara, so the possibility of intervisibility between all of these places suggests that the recently discovered sites had been strategically situated.

"These two recent excavations may have important implications for the Tara area, for they suggest that at least some of the ring-ditches at Tara may be Late Iron Age or early medieval replicas of earlier monuments while others may represent the re-use of pre­existing features at this time."