15Murphy, Denis, and Thomas J. Westropp. "Notes on the Antiquities of Tara (Teamhair Na Rig)." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, vol. 4, no. 3, 1894, pp. 232–33.

This poem describing the Feis of Teamur was "...ascribed by Keating to Eochaidh O'Flynn, who lived in the middle of the tenth century."

"The feis of Teamur each third year,
To preserve laws and rules,
Was then convened firmly
By the illustrious Kings of Erin.
Cathaoir of sons-in-law convened
The beautiful Feis of regal Temur,
There came with him—the better for it—
The men of Erin to one place.
Three days before Saman always,
Three days after it—it was a goodly custom—
The host of very high passion spent,
Constantly drinking during the week,
Without theft, without wounding a man
Among them during all this time;
Without feats of arms, without deceit,
Without exercising horses.
Whoever did any of these things
Was a wretched enemy with heavy venom ;
Gold was not received as a retribution from him,
But his soul in one hour."