143Petrie, George. "On the History and Antiquities of Tara Hill." The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. 18, 1839, p. 141.
" The Rath of Concobhar Mac Nesa alongside the Treduma to the north; its door faces the east opposite the Ceann and Medhi of Cuchulainn."

"According to the same authority the Rath of Conchobhar Mac Nesa was situated beside the Tredumha to the north, with its door facing the Ceann and Medhi, or Head and Neck of Cuchullin. Near the Medhi were the ruins of the Sciath Chonchulainn, or Shield of Cuchullin, with its Tull, or hollow. The Rath, it adds, was level with the ground, and there was a small hillock in its centre, with as much of his clay, or ashes, in it as would fill the hollow of his shield.'" (p. 225)