142Petrie, George. "On the History and Antiquities of Tara Hill." The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. 18, 1839, p. 141.
"The Treduma (triple mound) of Nesi, the daugher of Eochaidh Salbhuidhe, the mother of Concobhar, [Mac Nesa] at the north-eastern end near the north-east head of Long na m-ban."

"Of the persons to whom the preceding monuments referred, there is little or nothing to be found in history, with the exception of Conchobharor Conor Mac Nesa, king of Emania, or Ulster, and his cotemporary the celebrated hero Cuchullin. Tighearnach places the death of the first as occurring in the eighth year of the reign of the Emperor Tiberius, or the twenty-second of the Christian Era. His mother Nesi, from whom the adjacent Tredumha, or triple mound, was named, is stated by the same authority to have been the wife of Cathbad the Druid, and to have borne him adulterously; she is the subject of many revolting legendary Irish stories." (p. 225)