140Petrie, George. "On the History and Antiquities of Tara Hill." The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. 18, 1839, p. 141.
"There is a small mound to the south-east of the ruin of this house [banquet hall] in the southern end, called Dumha na m-ban-amus."

"...Dumha na m-ban-amus, or the Mound of the Heroines, or, literally, Women Soldiers, which, according to the prose, was a small mound situated to the south-east of the Teach Miodhchuarta, and at the southern end: the verse states, more simply, that it was situated at the upper or southern extremity, and calls it the Mound of the Women who had been betrayed. This mound has disappeared, and no historical illustration of it has been found." (p. 215)