126Cusak, Margaret A. An Illustrated History of Ireland: From the Earliest Period. London: Longmans, Green, and Company, 1868. Read online here.

The author quotes to describe Cormac Mac Airt: "'His hair was slightly curled, and of golden colour: a scarlet shield with engraved devices, and golden hooks, and clasps of silver: a wide-folding purple cloak on him, with a gem- set gold brooch over his breast; a gold torque around his neck; a white-collared shirt, embroidered with gold, upon him; a girdle with golden buckles, and studded with precious stones, around him; two golden net-work sandals with golden buckles upon him; two spears with golden sockets, and many red bronze rivets in his hand; while he stood in the full glow of beauty, without defect or blemish. You would think it was a shower of pearls that were set in his mouth; his lips were rubies; his symmetrical body was as white as snow; his cheek was like the mountain ash- berry; his eyes were like the sloe; his brows and eye-lashes were like the sheen of a blue-black lance.'"

Cusak notes, of this text: " This quotation is translated by Mr. O'Curry, and is taken from the Book of Ballymote. This book, however, quotes it from the Uachongbhail, a much older authority."