120Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart. Tara, a Pagan Sanctuary of Ancient Ireland, New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1931, pp. 135-38.

Elizabeth FitzPatrick provides two different accounts of the ritual: "The fabled act of the Lia Fail at Teamhair crying out in recognition of the true king is described both in the saga De Shil Chonairi Moir (dated to about the ninth century) and in the introduction to the list of kings known as Baile in Scail (part of which may date to the ninth century). In the former, the upright Lia Fáil is portrayed as the 'stone penis' at the head of the chariot course, which screeches against the chariot axle confirming the king-elect's right to the kingship of Teamhair. A conflicting twelfth-century account in the Life of Colman mac LuacMin introduces a flagstone into the king-making ritual at Teamhair. The king-elect stands at the foot of the Stone of the Hostages and the inaugurator upon the flag-stone below, an open horsewhip in his hand so as to save himself as best he can from 'the cast [of a spear] provided that he do not step from the flag-stone.'" (FitzPatrick, Elizabeth. Royal Inauguration in Gaelic Ireland C. 1100-1600: A Cultural Landscape Study. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Boydell, 2004, pp. 102-4.)

This is the source of the "bullroarer" audio embedded within the Lia Fáil VR environment.