101O'Sullivan, Muiris, Michael Herity, and Ursula Mattenberger. Duma na nGiall: the Mound of the Hostages, Tara. Bray, Co. Wicklow: Wordwell, 2005, pp. 237-9.

The authors write of the human remains: "An absolute minimum of 181 adults is represented amongst the cremated bone from the general tomb area, excluding the cists discussed above. To these may be added an unknown but substantial number of children and infants. The infants are almost invariably represented by unburnt limb bones.
A minimum of 63 individuals are represented in the combined assemblage of human bones from the three cists, of whom 56 are adult cremations, four are unburnt infants and three are unburnt older children."

Of the unique miniature Carrowkeel bowl found in one of the cists, the authors raise the possiblility that "this miniature vessel might be linked specifically with the presence of child and/or infant remains in the cist."