100Sheridan, Alison, et. al. "'Tara Boy': local hero or international man of mystery?" Tara: From the Past to the Future: Towards a New Research Agenda. Edited by Muiris O'Sullivan et. al. Wordwell, 2013, pp. 212-15.

The authors further discuss Tara Boy: "Not only do the individual components of the necklace stand out as being unique or rare in Ireland and strongly point towards links with Wessex, but the overall form of the necklace itself, as a composite featuring several precious, rare and arguably amuletic materials and bead shapes, is a type whose distributional epicentre lies in Wiltshire, especially the area around Stonehenge... Such necklaces may have constituted a form of 'supernatural power dressing', worn to protect the wearer in life and during the dangerous journey into the Afterlife." (p. 219 )

"Of equal or even greater importance [to the grave goods' origins in Wessex] would have been the enduring draw of Stonehenge and of its broader ceremonial landscape as a cult centre, and the importance of making 'heroic' journeys to this distant centre and of acquiring exotic objects and ideas, as a way of underlining and enhancing the status of the elite...Therefore, like the people who had come from far and wide to the Bru na Boinne 'cult centre' nearly a millennium and a half previously, 'Tara Boy' may well have undertaken a long journey largely to confirm his identity and power as a member of the elite." (p. 225)