14O'Farrell, Jackie. "Bombardment near Staigue Fort." Personal interview. 18 June 1979.
In the same interview O'Farrell told of a visitor who was brave enough to spend the night alone in Staigue Fort. ""There were few people who would take a night's sleep inside the fort. There was an artist once, a man not from these parts, who wanted to spend the night there. Everyone around here thought he was a brave man for doing that, to sleep there inside by night alone. That's because when we were young, there were so much fairies put in our heads, that it was haunted, you know. But that was just handed down, it didn't happen for real you see. That was just the entertainment, before they had television or radio."
In 1920 Lady Gregory was told by a miller that, "'...if anyone was to fall asleep within the liss [fort] himself, he would taken away and the spirits of some old warrior would be put in his place, and it's he would know everything in the whole world."' (Gregory, Augusta, and W. B. Yeats. Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland. New York and London: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1920. II, 211.)