12Borlase, William Copeland. The Dolmens of Ireland... Vol. 2. London: Chapman & Hall, Ld., 1897. 845.
According to T.J. Westropp, "In Hely Dutton's time (possibly on the same account) some sense of indecency attached, and a girl refused to guide him to those of Ballyganner in 1808, till she was assured that he was a stranger and ignorant of the local beliefs John Windele in July 1855 notes of the Mount Callan Dolmen 'fruitfulness of progeny in that.' I learned of an indecent rite taking place about 1902 at a dolmen for the same purpose." (Westropp, Thomas J. "Prehistoric Remains (Forts and Dolmens) in Burren and Its South Western Border, Co. Clare: Part XII: North Western Part (Continued)." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland Sixth 5.4 (1915): 267-68.)