16Brenneman, Walter L., and Mary G. Brenneman. Crossing the Circle at the Holy Wells of Ireland. Charlottesville: University of Virginia, 1995. 48-52.
The authors describe the Doon Well "rag tree" as "small, only five and one-half feet tall, but it is completely covered with all manner of clooties so that it appears to be bending under the pain and sickness of all the world." The items left on a rag tree are also referred to as "clooties." Charles Gallagher, in the video interview on the page, notes that pilgrims no longer leave their crutches and canes (sticks) at the well: "There'd be more crutches and sticks there in my young days. They'd be over as far as your car. But, crutches and sticks! There's nobody on crutches and sticks anymore. They're gettin' their hips done, and their legs done, and their ankles done. They don't need sticks anymore."