65Vallancey, Charles. Collectanea De Rebus Hibernicis. Vol. 2. Dublin: Luke White, 1783. 210. This section may be read in its entirety here.
The author's "translations" for the inscriptions on the Newgrange stones (see illustration on the page): "No 1... Supreme Being or active principle; No. 2...three symbols represent the Supreme Being, or first cause; The Ogham... inscription is To him who is the universal Spirit; No 3 is written in symbolic characters, signifying the House of God; No. 4 Is found on the south side of the east tabernacle, written in the Ogham and symbolic characters. The symbol is that representing the earth and universal nature, and with the Ogham which is written from the left to the right, makes a mor an Ops, that is, to the great mother Ops, or to the great mother Nature; No. 5 Is found on the front stone of the north tabernacle; and represents chance, fate or providence; No. 6 Is found on the north stone of the west tabernacle, written in the Ogham...that is, the sepulchre of the hero; No. 7 Is...written in the Ogham...probably specifying the several species of victims sacrificed at this temple, in honour of universal nature, providence and the names of the hero interred within."