9According to Eoin Grogan, "The great gold hoard from Mooghaun North...seems to represent an event special to the whole population of the chiefdom, one that would have enhanced the status of the ruling elite but would also have reflected glory on the entire society." (Grogan, Eoin. The Late Bronze Age Hillfort at Mooghaun South. Ireland: Discovery Programme, 1999. 22-24.
According to archaeologist Charles Mount, "The parabolic increase in hoard deposition indicates that during the Dowris phase [Late Bronze Age] the economy had boomed to the extent that many people were wealthy enough to participate in an unprecedented process of wealth destruction through the offering of valuable objects to the gods at ceremonies mostly centred on sacred bog/wetland sites." (Mount, Charles. "Hoards in the Irish Copper and Bronze Ages." Dr. Charles Mount: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Web. 17 June 2015. <http://charles-mount.ie/wp/index.php/tag/dowris-phase/>.