29Cahill, Mary. "Mooghaun Bracelet Re-Discovered." Archaeology Ireland 12.1 (1998): 8-9.
"Following contact with the owner we were shown a gold bracelet which has been in the possession of the owner’s husband’s family - the Studderts - since it was found. According to Studdert family history it was found as part of the Great Clare Find during the building of the railway. It had remained in the family ever since and had been worn by several female members up to modern times...The Studdert family has a long historical connection with County Clare and owned several important properties, including Bunratty Castle. One branch lived at Ballyhannan, Quin, Co. Clare, which is within a few miles of Mooghaun where the Great Clare Find was made. It is highly likely that the family resident in Ballyhannan at that time would have been in a good position to acquire a piece or pieces of the hoard in the same way that Lord Inchiquin acquired a number also."