25Cahill, Mary. "Mooghaun Bracelet Re-Discovered." Archaeology Ireland 12.1 (1998): 9.
The National Museum of Ireland acquired three other bracelets during the 20th century which are considered as belonging to the Mooghaun Hoard.
According to William Ryan, (1980), "In 1854 a Dr. Todd realising the significance of the find made a determined effort to locate and record as many of the recently discovered gold pieces as possible. He was fortunately able to make bronze gilt casts of almost 150 objects, many of the gold originals shortly afterwards being melted down by their owners. These casts consist of 5 gorgets, 2 torques, 2 unwrought ingots and 137 rings and armillae. Between this work, and that of other interested parties at the time, we can state that the find contained at least the following pieces:- a) 138 penannular bracelets with solid, evenly expanded, terminals; b) 3 penannular bracelets with evenly expanded hollowed terminals; c) 6 gold collars; d) 2 lock-rings; e) 2 penannular neck-rings; f) 3 ingots; g) 2 torcs." (Ryan, William G. "Great Clare Gold Find, 1854." Clare County Library. 1980. Web. 18 June 2015. <http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/coclare/archaeology/ryan/part2_tomfinlough_parish_mooghaun_south_gold.htm>.)