24Armstrong, E.C.R. "The Great Clare Find of 1854." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland Sixth 7.1 (1917): 22-23.
Some of the gold was sold immediately in Newmarket. Other pieces were sold afterwards in Limerick, Waterford, and Dublin. More information here.
The daily wages of a laborer on the Limerick and Ennis Railway in 1854 (1s 10p, or 22 pence) was found here. There were twelve pence in a shilling and twenty shillings, or 240 pence, in a pound. If the daily pay for the navvies in 1854 was 22 pence, then £1,500 is the same as 360,000 pence. Divide 360,000 by 22 =16,363 days divided by 313 working days (6-day week) = 52.28 years. Each worker's share, £1,500 in 1854, would be equivalent in 2015 to £116,264, or  €160,730 or $180,982.