20Grogan, Eoin. The North Munster Project. Vol. 1. Bray, Co. Wicklow: Wordwell, 2005. 244-45.
Dating the cashels and the hutsites, the excavator concluded, was a complex task, with some contradictory results. He concluded, "“All that can be said is that two episodes of activity are recorded, but it is not clear which may date the complex as a whole."
‪Jon Henderson‪‬ suggests that the confidence of the Mooghaun excavators regarding the dating of both the hillfort and the hutsites may be unwarranted. He suggests that the hutsite dates given by Grogan may be from a later occupation. He also calls into question the conclusion that the three hillfort ramparts were of contemporary construction, suggesting that there could be an Iron Age involvement. (Henderson, Jon C. The Atlantic Iron Age: Settlement and Identity in the First Millennium BC. London: Routledge, 2007. 107-08, 182-84.)