7When William Wakeman saw the rock art, he wrote, "Some of the work would seem to represent a style of swastika, with one of its members effaced by the action of frost, rain, and so forth. If, indeed, it shall be pronounced by experts an example of that mysterious figure, it is the only one hitherto discovered in Ireland upon a pagan structure." (Wakeman, W.F. "Proceedings and Papers." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland Fifth 1.4 (1890): 264-65.)
Many visitors to Clochanmore in the modern era, even locals who have made the attempt repeatedly, have been unable to see the Neolithic art engraved on the two stones. The extensive multicolored patchwork of lichens, and the natural weathering of the stones since they were dug out of the bog in the nineteenth century, have worked to make the markings indecipherable except in the most advantageous lighting. In order to make the close up photograph of the concentric circles inscribed on the eastern stone, we had first to trim some of the high grasses that had grown over it.
Other photographers have successfully recorded the rock art. See the Megalithomania website's images here. A photograph of the same concentric circles as shown in our VR environment, shot by Ken Williams (Shadows and Stones) may be viewed here.