7FitzPatrick, Elizabeth. Royal Inauguration in Gaelic Ireland C. 1100-1600: A Cultural Landscape Study. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Boydell, 2004. 52-59.
The author considers the name of the small stream at the edge of Magh Adhair: "The 'Hell River' (Abhann Ifrinn) acts as a natural boundary to it on its west side. There is no available explanation of the origin of the name of this river, but it evokes Otherworld connotations, recalling the portrayal of the 'Cave of Cruachain' as one of the entrances to the Otherworld...The Hell River flows due southeast to join the Boolyree River just south of Hell Bridge." The "Cave of Cruachain," also known as "The Cave of the Cats," or "Hell's Mouth Cave" is explored here in Voices from the Dawn.