20White, James G. Historical and Topographical Notes, Etc. on Buttevant, Castletownroche, Doneraile, Mallow, and Places in Their Vicinity. Vol. 1. Cork: Guy and Co., Ltd., 1905. 1-5.
Of the carved volute on the stone, the author writes, "On this stone I found a perfect spiral inscribed, of about 5 inches outside diameter. The outside groove forming the spiral is continued down the length of the stone about 12 inches, returning up again in a parallel line to meet the spiral, leaving about an inch between the sinkings."
Of this stone Borlase wrote, "Although this stone is known from the Christian era as the cover slab of the grave of St. Molaga, it probably predates the saint by many centuries." (Borlase, William Copeland. The Dolmens of Ireland, Their Distribution, Structural Characteristics, and Affinities in Other Countries. Vol. 3. London: Chapman & Hall, Ld., 1897. 769.)