2Davies, O., and D. Lowry-Corry. "Killinagh Church and Crom Cruaich." Ulster Journal of Archaeology Third 2 (1939): 98.
The authors begin: "The ancient church of Killinagh probably marks the site and preserves the traditions of one of the more important sanctuaries of pagan Ireland...It stands on a small promontory, whose excavation might throw a flood of light on that obscure period of Irish archaeology before the introduction of Christianity. Between it and the church is a thicket, in which slabs set on edge seem to represent the remains of a megalith, probably of passage grave type, but the dense undergrowth makes it impossible to plan the structure. This place is known locally as the Queen's Grave or St. Brigid's House. Close to the south wall of the church is a long slab set on edge, perhaps the remains of another megalith."