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15The text is from the "Mystery Park" website, which is no longer available online.“Mystery Park” re-opened in 2009, as “JungfrauPark Fun & Shows” by its new owner, New Inspiration Inc., for the summer seasons only. The former von Däniken amusements are featured in the new park as the “Mystery World.” During the summer of 2011 Erich von Däniken was scheduled to appear on select Thursday evenings to lecture on the “Mayan Calendar 2012.” While the Erich von Däniken Mystery Park’s website is not online at this date (4/24/2011), pieces of it can be assembled from a web archive (image link), where von Däniken's personal page may also be viewed. In the event the von Däniken "404" page is taken down, it may be viewed in this screenshot.

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