10Ireland, Aideen M. "Roger Chambers Walker: A Sligo Antiquarian." The Journal of Irish Archaeology 11 (2002): 173.
The author lists the following from "A Descriptive Catalogue of Antiquities chiefly British at Alnwick Castle:" "Page 183 no. 886 Part of staff- St Molasse (Walker?); Page 188 no. 913 Iron bell of St Molasse (Abel?)" Note that the decorated cursing stone, in all probability also from Inishmurray, is not listed as such in the catalogue, nor was it included with the repatriated artifacts.
It seems that just one year after the purchase of the Walker collection, the Duke of Northumberland donated some of them back to the Royal Irish Academy. A report from the Academy's records of November 1852 states: "The Lord Chief Baron in putting the motion said that their thanks were especially due to the Duke of Northumberland and all other persons who finding articles of more interest to others than to themselves, send them forward to their proper homes, where their value would be duly appreciated." (153-54).