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In 1877 Fr. John Healy wrote of the Inishmurray "royalty:" "There is an island queen, heretofore greatly reverenced, and of parental authority; but the spread of democratic ideas has penetrated even to this remote spot, so that her insular majesty, like many of her royal cousins, she has had to endure considerable diminution of her prerogatives. She considers the presence of the police as a gross infringement of her sovereign rights; and she would dismiss them "bag and baggage" as peremptorily as Mr. Gladstone would the Turks, if she only had the power. The present Prince Consort is her majesty's second husband, and in the good old times no one could distill so potent and well-flavoured a "cast" as his royal highness. But Othello's occupation's gone; his right hand has lost its cunning for want of practice, and the Jameson of Innismurry is renowned no more." (J.H. (John Healy). "A Pilgrimage to Innismurry." The Irish Monthly 5 (1877): 435-36.)