56The stories listed below may be read in their complete—and engaging—retellings by Joe McGowan in his 2004 book Inishmurray, Island Voices.
1. At Poll a' Phiobaire (Hole of the Piper)  mysterious pipe music was heard.
2. An old woman knitting was seen on a sometimes-submerged small island south of Inishmurray.
3. An enchanted pig invaded a home and replaced the baby with a changeling.
4. A man violated the taboo against shooting a seal, which ultimately caused a mark on his baby.
5. Inishmurray soil can be used to eradicate rats.
6. Swans could never be harmed, lest they turn out to be enchanted children.
7. You should never point at a boat with your finger.
8. The holy well water, when drained into the sea, could calm storms.
9. A jealous man stabbed his neighbor's cow and its blood was transformed into mice.