49Heraughty, Patrick. Inishmurray: Ancient Monastic Island. Dublin: O'Brien, 1982. 27-32.
Pilgrims fasted for the entire day, and did three clockwise rounds about each of the stations barefoot, reciting five Our Fathers, five Hail Marys and the Creed at each of the stations, with a few exceptions). The Inishmurray Stations:
1. Teach Molaise, St. Molaise's Chapel.
2. Leachta Cholmcille ("memorial altar of Colmcille") is just south of the Cashel.
3. Roilig Odhrain (Oran's Cemetery") is 21.34 m (70 yds) to the west.
4. Ulla Mhuire, or "Mary's altar," is located near Classymore.
5. The hermit's cell, Trahan 0 Riain ("0 Ryan's Cell"), at the most western point of the island.
6. Cros Mhór or "Great Cross," lies to the east.
7. This station is both Trahan Aodh ("Hugh's cell") and Tobar na Córach or the "well of the fair [weather]."
8. Leachta Phádraig—the memorial altar to St. Patrick—is located right on the cliff edge.
9. Trionoid Mhór ("Big Station of the Trinity").
10. Trionoid Bheag ("Small Station of the Trinity'). Stations 9 and 10 are located just in front of the central houses on the coastal street.
11. Teampall na mBan or the "church of the women," just south of the Cashel.
12. Altair Bheag, the "Small Altar" inside the Cashel.
13. A second small altar, whose name is lost.
14. Teampall na bhFear, the "Men's Church."
15. Clocha Breaca, the "Speckled (or cursing) Stones."
16. Teach Molaise, St. Molaise's Chapel.
The full pilgrimage round was known as the "Big Station" and took four hours. to complete. There was also an abridged version, called the "Wee Station."