47Heraughty, Patrick. Inishmurray: Ancient Monastic Island. Dublin: O'Brien, 1982. 27-32.
The hermit cell station is also spelled Trahan 0 Riain ("0 Ryan's Cell"). Heraughty notes that the name was given to this station by John O'Donovan, but was unknown on Inishmurray in modem times.
While this cell might have been a long-term habitation for a hermit, O'Sullivan and Ó Carragáin state that it may also have "provided shelter and seclusion for fasting, prayer and penance by various individuals on short retreats rather than continuous habitation for one dedicated individual." (O'Sullivan, Jerry, and Tomás Ó Carragáin. Inishmurray: Monks and Pilgrims in an Atlantic Landscape. Cork: Collins, 2008. 237-38.)