38In addition to our "virtual reality cursing stone," there is another way to replicate an Inishmurray cursing stone. The stones were removed from the island c. 2010 for safekeeping and for digital 3D scanning. The result of this program will be computer files theoretically allowing cursing stones replicates to be created using a 3D printer. "The Discovery Programme worked in collaboration with the National Monuments Service of the OPW to undertake the 3D recording of a selection of the Clocha Breaca, decorated 'cursing' stones from early medieval church site on Inishmurray, Co. Sligo. Originally located on the leacht at the Cashel the stones (worked sandstone) had been removed from the island for conservation and protection from the impact of erosion. Eight stones (with two stone 'stoppers') were selected for scanning, ranging from 15 – 50cm in diameter with a variety in the level of carved detail." More information may be found here.
Tour boat operators Trudy and Rodney Lomax, when asked by OPW to use their boat to remove the stones from the island, would not take a chance on violating the old superstitions. "We refused to carry them on our boat," said Trudy. (Lomax, Trudy. "Inishmurray." Message to the author. 11 June 2013. E-mail.)