25Wakeman, W.F. "Inis Muiredaich, Now Inismurray, and Its Antiquities." The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland Fourth 7.64 (1885): 229.
Regarding the altar, Wakeman wrote: "It would appear that archaeology has suffered an irreparable loss by the disappearance from Teach-na-Teinidh of a most remarkable flagstone, called Leac-na-Teinidh, ‘the Stone of the Fire," by which a supposed miraculous hearth, the foundations of which still remain, was until lately covered. The slab is said by several of the natives of the island to have been broken and utilized as building material by the reconstructors of the gable just referred to. It was, I believe, the only relic remaining in Ireland which appeared to be connected in some way, perhaps long forgotten, with the mysterious fire-worship practised by our Aryan forefathers."