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James Mills noted in 1893: "The Report is not accompanied by either drawings, plans, or measurements. But it holds out the promise of judicious work, to be done only where needed for preservation. It was natural to look forward to the final report on the treatment of remains of so great interest and value. It is, therefore, rather disappointing to find the Superintendent's next report consisting but of two sentences: Innishmurray Island, Co. Sligo. A careful inspection, and report on the curious remains on this island appeared in last year's report. The works therein recommended have been undertaken and satisfactorily completed.' (49th Rep. Public Works, Ireland (1880-1), Appendix p. 93)." (Wakeman, W. F., and James Mills. A Survey of the Antiquarian Remains on the Island of Inismurray. London: Williams & Norgate, 1893. xviii.)