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In support of this legend, Marcu Keane adds, "... the tradition of the common people in this place is that it was erected by supernatural agency in one night. I may also remark here that this legend, of being erected in one is night, is never applied to Gothic ruins but only to Round Towers, Irish Crosses, 'Norman' Churches and such Cuthite relics, which may perhaps be accounted for by the fact that after a long period of the dominion of the Celts, who had no stone buildings, these beautiful Cyclopean remains could only be explained by the peasantry as the result of supernatural agency." (Keane, Marcu. The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland. Dublin: Hodges, Smith and Co. 1867. 24.)
Another account of the folklore regarding the window states that on Easter Sunday the faithful would pass through it nine times with the belief that by doing so they will be assured of going to heaven. ("Kilmalkedar Monastery." Kilmalkedar Monastery. Web. 24 Nov. 2012. <http://www.nd.edu/~archire/sites2005/KilmalkedarMonastery2.html>.)