19Keane, Marcu. The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland. Dublin: Hodges, Smith and Co. 1867. 23.
Even more imaginative may be this story related by Keane: ""In reference to the custom of wrestling with human victims before offering them in sacrifice, which Bryant notices in general among Cuthites, I would observe that a curious tradition exists among the peasantry of Kerry of a wonderful wrestler named Deargan O'Dunne, who lived in ancient times at Kilmelchedor in the peninsula of Dingle, and who was gifted with supernatural power from the evil one; so that, although a small man, he never failed to overcome those whom he engaged in wrestling, and he invariable killed every man who he overcame. The high antiquity of this tradition may be inferred from the fact that several townlands and ancient monuments are called after the name of this celebrated wrestler. There can be, I think, no doubt but that the significance of the tradition refers to the period when human sacrifices were offered to the Golden Molach at his temple of Melchedor." (p. 217-18)