9Ní Dhomhnaill, Nuala, and Paul Muldoon. The Astrakhan Cloak. Winston-Salem, NC: Wake Forest UP, 1993. 59.
In another poem from the same volume, "The Battering," Ní Dhomhnaill provides a harrowing vision of a what may be a mother's account of reclaiming her child from the fairies, or the story of a delusional child abuser (excerpt):

I only just made it home last night with my child
from the fairy fort.
He was crawling with lice and jiggers
and his skin was so red and raw
I've spent all day putting hot poultices on his bottom
and salving him with Sudocrem
from stem to stern.
If they try to sneak anything past
that's not my own, if they try to pull another fast
one on me, it won't stand a snowball's
chance in hell:
I'd have to bury it out the field.
There's no way I could take it anywhere next
or near the hospital.
As things stand,
I'll have more than enough trouble
trying to convince them that it wasn't me
who gave my little laddie this last battering.