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"Many of the stories I have gathered tell how those tribes still protect their own; and even today, March 21, 1916, I have read in the Irish Times that 'a farmer who was summoned by a road contractor for having failed to cut a portion of a hedge on the roadside, told the magistrates at Granard Petty Sessions that he objected to cutting the hedge as it grew in a fort or rath. He however had no objection to the contractor's men cutting the hedge. The magistrate allowed the case to stand til the next court.'"
On the other hand, in 1898 George du Noyer wrote, "At present there is a passage between the fort and the cliff at this end-formed, no doubt, by the removal of the stones by road contractors, and for building purposes. An old man whom I questioned on this point, informed me that he remembered 'hundreds of tons of stones' being taken out of it." (Lynch, P. J. "Notes on Dunbeg Fort, County Kerry, with Special Reference to the Drawings and Description by George V. Du Noyer." The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland Fifth 8.4 (1898): 325-28.)