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There actually were human bones found on a nearby beach south of Dun an Oir on Smerwick Harbor, with such discoveries dating from the 1980s. There a medieval cemetery of the thirteenth-fifteenth centuries, built close to the shoreline, was subject to erosion. Local residents and tourists alike reported finding bones while walking the nearby beaches. The site, called Teampall Bán, was stabilized by the construction of a sea wall in 1996 and additional work in 2005. (Bennett, Isabel. "Teampall Bán, Caherquin: Archaeological Context and Preliminary Survey/Excavation, Winter 1996/7." Ed. Michael Connolly. Past Kingdoms: Archaeological Research, Survey and Excavation in County Kerry. Proceedings of the 2005 Archaeological Lecture Series. The Heritage Council (2005): 66-75.)