6Otway, Caesar. Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly, Illustrative of the Scenery, Antiquities, Architectural Remains, and the Manners and Superstitions of the Irish Peasantry. Dublin: T. Connolly, 1850. 337-38.
Earlier in his book the author complains about a different monument wantonly destroyed: "The head and foot stones of what has been called a giant's grave still remain here, near the Doon - it is about forty feet long - also a cromleach--but as this lay in the way of the new road, the iligant [sic] engineer ordered it to be upset, and there the ruin lies and may lie, for stones are cheap, as a monument of a projector's taste, who would not deflect his road half a perch, in order to preserve it." (pp. 38-9)