4Ciortan appears in the Ulster Cycle legend of the Táin Bó Flidhais. Another legend of the area was retold by Rev. Caesar Otway in 1850: A sea-king named Fergus came on a plundering raid to Erris, which was then owned by the giant Donnell Doolwee who lived at Glencastle. Fergus came to Donnell's castle where he charmed Donnell's faithless wife, Munhanna. She then found out the secret to Donnell's invincibility, a ringlet of the hair of the Morrigan tied around his loins.
"Donnell was made drunk - he slept in sottishness - his knot was cut - [his enemy] admitted - he drew his sword, and Doolwee's head was severed from his body, and sent rolling in all its ghastliness down the steep sides of the Doon; and the morning sun, as it rose over the eastern bill, saw the raven banner of the sea-king floating over the ramparts of Dooncarton." (Otway, Caesar. Sketches in Erris and Tyrawly, Illustrative of the Scenery, Antiquities, Architectural Remains, and the Manners and Superstitions of the Irish Peasantry. Dublin: T. Connolly, 1850. 39-42.)